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Networking and Internet


Networking and Internet today go hand in glove.  The idea of having a network that does not provide Internet access is virtually unthinkable unless there are issues of strict security involved.

What is a Computer Network and what can it do for me?

As we race into the future, computers are becoming commonplace in most homes and offices. In fact most of us now have more than one computer. Have you ever given thought to how you could take advantage of connecting them together? How about sharing an internet account between two pc's? Sharing files and printers? Multi-player gaming!?

We can help with this task. In new homes we install the wiring that will let you network multiple pc's together when you're ready. In your business office we install the complete wiring infrastructure for computers to make it all possible. We also install the networking hardware and software. You can rely on "A Perfect PC" to make sure the job is done right. We also co-ordinate with your service providers to make sure everything is installed and set up correctly.

Network Services Featuring:

Ultra-stable LINUX Servers Connected to Windows Clients

The LINUX Operating System is one of the few operating systems which actually has a growing market share throughout the world.  You'll find LINUX or its "cousins" FreeBSD and OpenBSD on many of the world's leading ISP's.  It is noted for the fact that its source code is free and that it adheres rigorously to accepted International Standards.  Its stability and its security are legendary. Using a network facility called SAMBA, written by an Australian, Andrew Tridgell, LINUX servers can communicate faultlessly with PC's running the Windows Operating System.  If necessary SAMBA provides yet another layer of security on top of the already formidable security offered by the LINUX Operating System.  Besides being stable, the LINUX Operating System is free.  There are no licence restrictions as to how many clients you may attach to it.  Finally, LINUX is specifically designed with connection to the Internet in mind. With LINUX it possible for you to connect everyone on your network to the Internet with each person having a separate individual mailbox which is administered by your LINUX Server.

Conventional Windows Servers & Windows Networks Generally.  For serious business applications a Windows Server is usually the conventional choice but many small businesses will find that a Windows XP and later Windows Operating Systems acting in a "peer to peer" arrangement will satisfy their needs with minimal system crashes (especially now that Microsoft has greatly improved on its update arrangements as a consequence of the fierce competition it is experiencing both from Linux and Apple.)  APPC is capable of providing for either situation and will advise you as to what is the most cost effective solution for your particular situation.

Configure For Full Time Connection to The Internet The Internet provides an inexpensive, ultra-fast means of correspondence.  Via E-mail you and your staff can correspond, send data files, images and even video.  APPC can connect your local network to the network using various software applications that eliminate the need to use Windows Outlook Exchange Server when using a Windows Server, or by use of a LINUX Server; something that has proven to be far superior and much less costly.  If you chose the latter approach you can have unlimited mailboxes such that everyone on your network has an individual E-mailsystem.  It is also possible for persons on the network to send faxes from their workstation.

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