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"Some boast of their importance on the basis of the budget they spend."
"We measure our worth by what and those we save!"

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Services We Offer

Consultancy Services.  APPC offers a wide range of Management Consultancy Services with particular emphasis on the cost-effective application of affordable, secure, practical and reliable Information and Communications Technology (ICT).  To gain some idea of the breath of the expertise and experience this company is capable of comprehending, see "Current Projects" and "Past Projects".  My engineering and scientific experience has not been confined to ICT.  It has ranged from the military and civil engineering, to advanced physics associated with polymer deposition in plasma and the design and construction of highly specialised silicon micro-chips (called ASICs).
Advanced Barcode and Radio Frequency Auto-ID Technology.  APPC, in collaboration with NVTech and Keyworks in Adelaide and a number of firms in the UK has developed a world-leading suite of technology that makes possible the cost-affordable individual identification of all items of interest within any organisation or enterprise.(See www.dpid.biz.)   These same personalities were the first in the world to develop a monolithic, multi-frequency RFID transponder utilising a novel ferro-electric random access memory technology. 
Anti-counterfeiting and Encryption Systems.  The systems developed by APPC can be used to in applications ranging from the prevention of counterfeiting of attractive goods through to the conduct of fair elections in developing countries.
Software Development and Maintenance of "Bespoke" Applications.  These applications make maximum use, where practical, of Open Source Software and are tailored to the exact needs of an enterprise.See "Current Projects" for examples of APPC's capabilities.
Low-Cost High Performance WiFi systems for deployment into undeveloped areas or areas afflicted by Natural Disaster.  APPC possesses considerable expertise in the design, development and implementation of mobile systems synchronising with centralised corporate databases.  This includes the design and implementation of low-cost, high-capacity WiFi (PC radio communications) over very large areas.   (One WiFi pole, for example, can have the capacity to sustain around 50,000 VoIP telephone calls or 17 streams of high definition 1080p video.  These poles may be powered by solar cells and wind turbines - similar to those commonly found on yachts.)
Application Specific Integrated Circuit Design.(ASIC)  APPC collaborates with Keyworks Pty Ltd in Adelaide for the purpose of making specialist chips such as those used for encrypting and decrypting data using AES256. 
Integration of Advanced, In-expensive, PC-based VoIP Telephone Exchange Systems. In a medium sized business (around 50 personnel) APPC's Asterisk-based VoIP Telephone Exchange saves around $1,000 per month in telephone call costs.  See "Current Projects" for more information on this.

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