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"Some boast of their importance on the basis of the budget they spend."
"We measure our worth by what and those we save!"

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Hardware Installation

The Advantage of using APPC

In today's tight job market, companies are understaffed and do not have the resources to maintain day-to-day hardware and software changes.  We can solve this problem by efficiently maintaining your computer system's installations and upgrades.

We have many years of experience with old and new computer technologies.  By letting our specialists maintain your computer system, your company can focus on the core business.

Sales & Customised Construction of PC'S and Related Hardware

PC's vary in price widely but so does the quality of the components used therein. As a result of our experience (some quite nerve racking) we know what has a high probability of working reliably and what has not.

In assisting you with your choices "A Perfect PC" can save you a lot of money (and grief).

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