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"Some boast of their importance on the basis of the budget they spend."
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Office Automation

Consultancy Services

Office Automation and consultancy services share a lot of common ground in that much of what ICT touches on involves the automation or facilitation of clerical functions.  When thinking of clerical functions the mind visualises the writing of letters, posting of invoices to ledgers and the keeping of records.

The Paperless Office

Computers up to now have increased our capacity to produce paper but have done little to reduce the amount of paper one has to deal with in the office.  To reduce paper in the office, there are two approaches that must be imployed:

In recent years, there have been significant steps made in scanning technologies whilst the cost of digital storage has plummeted.

APPC can supply and install high speed (30+ pages per minute) scanners at prices that are amongst the most competitive in the market. Likewise, network ready storage is exceedingly cheap these days; particularly if coupled with the Linux Operating System - an operating system that is renowned for being stable, secure and most of all free of all licence fees.

We write and are constantly developing new software which will drive these scanners and allow you to access the images on your network. You can even perform character recognition wherein the images of text are reconstructed by your computer back into typed text for use by your word processor, reducing significantly your need to retype documents you have stored as images.

All this can reduce substantially the need for conventional document storage with its attendant costs and storage space requirements whilst at the same time actually improve your ability to retrieve documents in a timely manner for your customers.

Office Suites of software today provide the facility, using such tools as Visual Basic, to integrate Word Processing, Spreadsheets and Databases into a comprehensive office productivity tool. We have the expertise to do this. You have the ideas as to what you need to make your business better. Working together, we can create a powerful suite of software to make your office more productive.

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