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Current Projects as they apply to A Perfect PC

APPC was created as a subsidiary of Non Volatile Technologies Pty Ltd (NVTech) with a view to investigating the practicality of using Open Source Software in small to medium sized businesses.  At the closing stages of 1997, the Linux Operating System was still command line driven.  There may have been some Linux distributions offering a graphical user interface but these were, until the advent of Mandrake Linux, very limited in the capabilities they offered normal users.  Invariably, you had to drop down into a command line to do the simplest of tasks.  This situation was further complicated by the fact that Red Hat Linux chose not to follow the same conventions as Debian Linux.  Even at the time of writing (2011), this causes problems in that there are two distinct ways of installing programs.  This complexity is very off-putting to normal users of computers who do not want to be bothered with this level of detail.

I saw Open Source Software and related technologies such as the Internet and low cost computer hardware has having enormous potential to accelerate the development of less fortunate nations.  To achieve this is very much in the strategic interests of everyone, whether you live in comparative luxury in places such as Europe, Australia, Canada or the USA or you live in countries where people are struggling against tyranny and suffering from the gross mismanagement of their political leadership.

The projects listed here are actually being prosecuted by either Non Volatile Technologies or by dPId Pty Ltd, another company I have had a hand in forming.  If any of these projects appeal to you, please feel free to write to me.  I try to answer every correspondence I receive.  If you want to help, your assistance would be most welcome.

Kevin Loughrey CEO NVTech and dPId

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